Wallie card in shop available for RF online!


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Use this $10 Wallie Card prepaid code on any Wallie supported site.

After your purchase is approved you will be sent your Wallie Card prepaid code.

Make sure to save this! It's as good as cash.

Using the code is simple: once you find a site that accepts Wallie Card, simply click that payment option, enter your prepaid code, the funds are automatically deducted from the card balance and your payment is complete.

With Wallie you can spend credit on the following games: Atlantica ijji ,Shaiya, Cabal Online, Toontown Online, WarRock, Fiesta, RuneScape, Windslayer, Dark Orbit, NeoSteam, Habbo, Maple Story, Secret of the Solstice and much more.

*Due to the nature of these codes. No refunds can be given once purchased. Please make sure it is what you want before purchasing.

This goods will be sent to your account in SHOP in 1 work day if they are instock!