The Winners of: [Survey Event Created By GM]

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The beginning of a new world.
We are from SF Action MMORPG, RF Online.

We are pleased to announce winners of the Event:
"RF Should Do... Survey Event created by GM"

Congratulations to:

1st Survey

              Bellato                  Cora                  Accretia
Letorn    Danny1337         Quit Endless       Night
Decem   Roni                     Airem                 Hiraturo

2nd Survey

               Bellato                  Cora                     Accretia
Letorn     Bellochka              Kisame                 Rapscallion
Decem    Wolf                     Nautilus                Caderium

You have won a 10 Talics Crystals!

Congratulations again and enjoy your prize.

Sincerely, RF Online Global Operation Team.