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Do you want to own much RF online gold, and upgrade fast? I have played this game for a long time, may be I can give some suggestion. First, you can do some of the quests, and we also recommend you to go to there and level up there. Remember that it is best to go to the sky and just level up your character there. Second, it is good to training on.
Level 1to10: Kill young imp, wing and imp just outside the city, you will soon reach level 4. Wear your first set of equipment, bring enough RF Gold and go out of city to level up. Through killing imp guard and demos, you will easily reach to level 10. There is a high rate for monsters to drop items and equipments, so one bag is not enough. You had better try hard to buy 3 bags. Upon completing large quest, you will obtain one more bag. If you focus on mining first you will have enough money to buy enough bags quickly.
Level 11to20: You would better concentrate on completing quests. While you are doing quests, you can level up as well. The quest rewards include equipment, experience, money and the most important, contribution points. Kill monsters according to quest. Since those are quest monsters, there are a lot of players fighting around. You had better party with other players. The more party members, the better. It is ok to level alone, but it will be slower for you to level up. Earn money while leveling up. The money gained from selling dropped items will be enough for you to buy RF Gold. If monsters drop some super powerful items, you will make a small fortune.
Thanks for your reading and have a good time.